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  1. Thank you - yes I worked that out after wondering what on earth I was doing wrong.
  2. Actually I think I am ok now - dragged exposure to the left and could see the filter then - I tried turning background lock off as thought that may be the problem but just redid and it worked ok with background locked. This is a big learning experience ...please be patient lol.
  3. As outlined yesterday and as requested I am reposting with a file (I hope). Have only just downloaded a trial version of Affinity- tried a few things - one being the LIVE FILTER. Vingette. Nothing happened. So I tried other filters all of which worked ok so I am puzzled as to what I am doing wrong. I have hopefully uploaded two files - one is my screenshot in case I have my screen set incorrectly but I think that has again failed - the other is the photo I attempted to apply the vignette. So we cannot upload screenshots?? Also before I BUY the program - I asked in a small group I am in re Affinity and someone said - make sure it suits your Camera and Lens - was confused - and the person said his lens was supported when doing barrel distortion?? I do not want to buy something and find its not suitable. _MG_1593.afphoto

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