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  1. Hello, I have the following problem: When I add a layer with illumination in Affinity Photo, it disappears when exporting to PDF. I have specified that all layers should be exported. Below the corresponding photos (once jpg with illumination and once pdf without illumination) Does anybody have any idea what could be the cause of this? Thank you!
  2. Perfect! It works! Thank you very much and many greetings to Kölle!
  3. Good morning, I have the problem, that the documents, exporting to PDF ar much darker than in the Affinity Programs. What am I doing wrong? I'd be happy if you could help me. Renate
  4. I didn't make a white mask. The image is directly on the background. Or did I misunderstand you? I haven't been working with this program that long.
  5. I have reduced the the layer opacity level to 20%. The pictures above are excerpts from both files. But I'll insert the files again and also pictures from the settings for the export. Modiano.afpub Modiano.pdf
  6. Hello, the view would be more clearly if it were possible to name the sections so that I can see them in the page manager and not only on the pages itself. Or if it were possible to minimize the individual sections and open them as required. For a more extensive publication would it be helpful. Otherwise I like the program very much!
  7. By inserting a field. I only have an example in german.
  8. Ich probiere einfach noch ein bisschen rum! Aber Danke für die Tipps!
  9. Hello, I don`t know, if this is the right forum and if I am able to describe my problem correctly. Actually I try the Affinity Publisher Beta. My objective is to create a book. Per print it I have to lay out it in a single page. How is it possible to create different borders for every page, f.e. the first page needs the border 2,2 cm at the left and 1,6 cm at the right. For the second page it have to be opposite. Perhaps you can help me. Thank you and a nice evening Renate
  10. Hi, ich schaffe es irgendwie dank meines stümperhaften Englischs nicht, mich verständlich auszudrücken. Die meisten Druckereien wollen eine fortlaufende PDF-Datei, natürlich wollen sie nicht alle Seiten einzeln konvertiert. Aber wohl auch nicht mit gegenüberliegenden Seiten. Scheinbar soll das ja möglich sein, aber ich habe nicht die passenden Optionen gefunden.
  11. Ich habe es nicht geschafft, mich in englischer Sprache verständlich zu machen. Die meisten Druckereien wollen eine fortlaufende PDF-Datei und das nicht mit gegenüberliegenden Seiten. Scheinbar (wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe) kann man aber auch doppelseitig angelegte Dokumente so konvertieren. Allerdings habe ich die passende Einstellung noch nicht gefunden.
  12. I resolved it! Now I defined the borders NOT in the Master Page but in the Layout settings and then different for odds and straight pages. But thanks for the suggestions. I have to send the pages as continuous pages (individually) to the printer. I think this is not possible with facing pages. Or am I mistaken?
  13. Sorry, my problems are the borders. I don't know how to create different borders for individual pages. But my english is so bad that it is difficult to describe it.
  14. Thank you all. The problem is, that I have to deliver individual pages to let it print, no facing pages. But I want to have text on both pages. I send a picture to describe it, my english is too bad to make it with words.