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  1. I work over a network, so a RAID system. When I work with large files in Publisher (with a lot or Import files) or Photo with our network, my computer crashes regularly, so that I can not even restart the program or finder, but only help to switch it off via harware. If I load the files onto the work computer, everything works. My iMac 3,7 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5 ist nearly new. Photo and publisher seem to have problems working on the network.
  2. I just found out when I take a picture in publisher, import and change the size of the picture without moving it in the frame then everything stays in the same size and in the same position. However, if I move the picture in the frame, the position in the frame is changed when the import file is updated, the size remains the same.
  3. I still had the old version 1.9.0 and updated to 1.9.1. But the problem still persists. I created a new file especially. When I change an import file, it is always created in a different size.
  4. Hello, I have a problem updating files in Affinity Publisher: If I have changed an import file (e.g. in Designer or Photo) and this file is updated in Publisher, then the file is used in a completely different size and in a different state in the frame. I'm so used to this from Adobe InDesign that the size and status remain the same when updating. What's the problem? Could it be that I have not activated any setting? Best regards Christine
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