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  1. I use Affinity photo on two computers A Dell desktop Inspiron series and version 1.9.1 is virtually unusable on this system unless I disable the hardware acceleration then it seems to work fine for me. It runs very slowly and I kept getting the not responding message from windows. My other system is a HP Pavilion laptop and this operates with no issues. I guess the graphics capability is much better (and newer)
  2. Thanks for the reply flow and opacity are 100% Protect alpha was ticked. took me a while to find it as it was off screen Problem solved
  3. Hi I am having some issues with my laptop when applying masking to images. I cannot for some reason use the paintbrush to expose of hide areas on the mask. This function works perfectly well on my desktop. Any suggestions please? I have tried doing a repair function on the installation. This had no effect
  4. Hi Walt , still having trouble, Two files attached Phil Setup.log SetupUI.log
  5. Hi, I have Affinity photo installed on both a desktop and a laptop (both windows 10) I was able to update the desktop by downloading the latest exe file as indicated on starting photo, however my laptop will not update to the latest version. I have tried 4 times now and on each occasion i get the "set up failed message". How can i update my laptop? Phil Robinson
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