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  1. Thanks to everyone who's discussed this topic. I've learned a good deal. For situations in which a PDF file does not need to be edited--the layout and fonts and everything about it are what you want to publish--will Affinity Publisher ever permit a "clean" placement? Will there be an option, as Mac_Heibu points out, above, to simply display a PDF and print it "as is"? It seems to me that there are many cases (placing advertisements, logos, newsletter comic strips) where that option would be desirable.
  2. I recently put together a neighborhood newsletter and experienced problems with PDF placement. One file, a comic strip created in Comic Life 3 (3.5.10) and exported to PDF (Comic Section.PDF), was corrupted in both graphics and fonts--everything was awry. When I re-imported the PDF into the latest version, I was pleased to see the graphics were correct, but the text and fonts left a lot to be desired. The other PDF (exchange ad grayscale 3-30-19.pdf) was given to me by a designer who uses Photoshop and InDesign. The only problem with this import was the “f” logo for Facebook was corrupted. I enclose a Publisher file with these two PDFs imported and the PDFs themselves. Macbook OSX 10.14.4 Affinity Publisher Beta exchange ad grayscale 3-30-19.pdf Comic Section.pdf PDF placement issue.afpub
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