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  1. Hi stokerg, They are RAW files of about 18.5 MB each. It worked with 9 images and then wouldn't work with 3. After closing it and restarting it worked with 3, but wouldn't work with 3 the second time without closing. I have the latest iPad Pro.
  2. Hi stokerg, thanks for your reply. I’ve done some more experimenting and got it to do a panorama stitch. However to do it I had to totally close the app and restart it. I’ve just done some more experiments and it seems if you do a stitch, and then try to do a second one immediately after, it doesn’t work. I can load the photos, press stitch, and the program tries to make a preview, but the little busy wheel stops after awhile, disappears and nothing happens. If I cancel, reload and try again the same thing happens. If I then totally close the program, reopen and try again it works. Is there something I need to do after a stitch to clear something so it will work again without having to close the app ? If you still want the images, let me know.
  3. I'm trying to stitch a few raw files, and the program starts to prepare the stitch but then stops. There is plenty of overlap in each photo, so I don't believe that's the issue. Is there a limit on the file size or is this a bug ?
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