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  1. Thank you very much firstdefence. It took a couple of tries but I got there in the end. Clearly, I would never have got this on my own. Thanks to everyone who helped me with this. It is really appreciated. Nice to know that there is a supportive Affinity network. Since purchasing Affinity a couple of months ago, I have been using it to process RAW images only. Most of which only need a tweet here and there and then convert them to .jpg or whatever is required.
  2. OK. With the above instructions I get the image in the text but it fills ALL the text making it a blob of colour. The black outline of the text is missing unlike your example above. The Fill Tool fills the text with white leaving the black outline of each letter. Remember that I am using a Mac (not iPad), I have substituted Option for CTRL as you must be using Windows. (I have also tried using Command but got the same result.)
  3. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! This is exactly what I have been trying to do for the last three days!
  4. So far, none of the solutions offered have worked. See attached. This is the closest I have got. What I would like is the "white" or "blank" area of the text to be filled with the image. If Affinity Photo is not capable of doing this I will have to settle for this. It has been suggested that the problem is with the font itself. This is for a Street Art project. Times New Roman just isn't going to cut it. I am open to alternative suggestions. Thanks to all for your assistance so far! As a new user, I really appreciate your help. Street1.afphoto
  5. Thanks. This helped a bit. The dark (black) areas of the text was filled with the image and the "centre" of the text was left transparent. I actually wanted the opposite.
  6. How can I fill text with an image in Photo? Looks like it can be done but there does not appear to be any information on how to do it. The attached is as far as I have got. Thanks for any help. Street.afphoto
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