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  1. Dan C, thanks, great illustrative video. Followed and almost worked....any tips to not get that bottom area error?
  2. thanks gdenby, doesn't seem to work exactly for me....taken thin strip of grey available below with rectangular marquee tool, then copy and paste, can only seem to paste a box that you can fill from set colour swatches (see top area) rather than just an exact copy of the backdrop?
  3. Hi, I need this picture in a square format for website, have extended borders at top and bottom, as shown. How do I now use the colours in the model, i.e. the grey backdrop to fill those areas and blend? is there a way of copying a selected area and just pasting it into the white areas above and below perhaps? Cheers.
  4. ok thanks. So have area defined with brush tool marching ants as pic above shows. How do I then add colour to this area? New layer? invert it? sorry, complete beginner and none of dozen videos i've watched seem to illustrate step by step of how to do this.
  5. Ok thank you R C-R. Is it not possible to select the area with the brush tool (as in attached) and then just fill with chosen colour? Seems more accurate than pen tool as marching ants find the contours of object quicker.
  6. So have selected area with pen tool, set colour picker tool to the grey of the backgound.....how do I apply the colour to that area?
  7. Hello, I'm an affinity novice. Struggling to work out from tutorials how to colour a specific area of background. Have attached photo example. Want to eliminate busy area in top right hand corner and replace with the grey of the rest of the background. Have managed to select area using brush tool but that is as far as can get! Any tips/advice appreciated!
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