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  1. Dear Gabriel, I've created a simple video for the issue when I use Apple pencil and trying to draw with the pen tool. It showed that I tried to put nodes several times in vain if the distance was too small. It seems that the distance for putting nodes is about min. 7mm on the screen usually. (the second node sometimes succeed to closer than 7mm). VID_20190508_180016.mp4 VID_20190508_182142.mp4
  2. I've just bought Affinity Designer on my iPad (2018, 6th generation) and I'm really impressed. I Only have a bit problem with the pen tool: when I put nodes, I can't place them close to each other. I always need to magnify the picture when I would like to path small details. (I use Apple Pencil). What should I do? Maybe that is why I'm newbie to Affinity Designer. (Vectornator doesn't produce this issue, I can put nodes very close in this app) Thank You for helping me! Andras
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