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  1. The pressure graph for the stroke width is adequate for simple shapes, but it is time consuming murder for trying to do larger complicated paths and outlines (especially if closed paths), trying to guess what area on the graph relates to what point on the object when you need to be precise. I absolutely LOVE designer, thank you so much for making such an incredible program, and please consider a feature that allows for more precise control when altering stroke width.
  2. texture brushes have always been a bit of a hassle to make, and I am really digging your brush UI over PS's. Something that would be really cool and handy as an artist making brushes on the fly would be to allow me to, instead of making and saving a file for the brush head, just let me draw it in the box you have under base texture and take it from there. Even better, let me go back and edit that brush head later as is needed. This would be absolutely amazing for work flow, and it's something I haven't seen yet. I'm a couple days into the trial and loving this software, please keep it up!