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  1. flyaturtle

    Spot Color - layers disappear after Save

    Thanks @Jon P ! I uploaded the Affinity Publisher file, plus a couple of PDFs of what some of the pages should look like. You'll notice that the pink ribbon titles on the upper left are invisible/clear. If you change it to Spot Color (pink), it looks good again; but then Save the file and reopen it, and suddenly it's back to being invisible again. 100% repeatable behavior on my macbook. Maybe I'm missing something obvious?
  2. - Change an image to a single global spot color, everything looks great - Save File. Close window. Reopen. All images with a global spot color disappear (turns white). Text boxes seem to behave properly. Attached are before save/relaunching and after saving/relaunching images: Second bug: If you try to copy a text box from another program (ie. Keynote) and paste into Affinity Publisher, it crashes.