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  1. Yes they always work in other apps, Affinity Photo is the only app I've experienced this with, ever. With that said, I don't have any of the other Affinity apps... Are you sure about the blending modes? I'm pretty sure I was able to do this in the beginning; has it been changed? I might be wrong, though... Best, Chris
  2. Shortcuts such as ctrl+z etc. stop functioning after some period of running, and the app has to be restarted for them to work again. For me it's been like this for all the time I've had Affinity Photo. Another strange behaviour (that might be related) is that when clicking the Blend Mode dropdown in the Layers section, one should be able to use the keyboard-cursors up/down to scroll through modes. Instead, it will move the selected object/layer.
  3. Actually, after I edited the layer using the flood tool, I scaled it. And after scaling, the Flood tool doesn't work again, on the same layer... Seems like a bug to me, am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Nevermind, had "Subtract" selected this time :-P
  4. Ah okay, I didn't know about Image / rasterized layers, I'm fairly new to the application. I did a bit of erasing on the layer, and then the tool worked. I guess it gets rasterized upon editing, then? Thanks for you help @carl123
  5. The flood tool doesn't work. At all... It just doesn't do anything. The only thing I can see it doing, is changing the tolerance when click-dragging around an image.
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