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  1. Thank you yes I am trying to make it bigger than the first I've sent. The crash its it's just by touching the Icon the program goes off. I will try it today again after installing the upgrades (actualizaciones) of Mojave..thank youuu
  2. Thank You so much!!! Is not the one because they want HD quality for printing but I am very happy for your help.... This is the album: I will try again using a bit less quality but trying to keep the HD that they Pressing factory are asking... this is a learning process... Thank you so Much!!!!
  3. Hi this is the one. Please Let me know if there is a solution.... Thank you so much "you could try using one of the other presets on the simple document and then go back to the crashing document" Ps: I think it could be pulling down the quality of the project and trying until it doesn't crashes Thank you so much Ps: That file is the Cover Art of my Album...I am trying to get it done... Thank you so much for your help
  4. Hi this is the one. Please Let me know if there is a solution.... Thank you so much Affinity_-_Arema_Arega_-_cover_idea_PDF_Crashes.afdesign
  5. Yes Trying now with little projects it's Ok I will send you the big one for you to check where is the problem, because mostly I will be working with big files and will be great to solve this problem. I need HD PDF !!!!! Thank You Arema
  6. Thank you Here is the info: Afinity Designer 1.6.5 Operative System - MacOs Mojave I can not take an screen shot of the actual problem because what happens is that when I go to press the PDF icon that you could see in the screenshot (in stead of saving to tiff that is the case in this picture) to save the image to PDF the program crashes just by touching the PDF icon. thank you please let me know Arema
  7. Hi, I've just tried to saved to Pdf a project and as soon I selected the PDF sign the Program crashed...Is there any solution for this ? It's being 4 times now Thank you so Much
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