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  1. I downloaded Affinity and opened it up to work on some of my many, many Page Plus files. After not being able to up load them I went on line to see what I was missing. Evidently Serif seems to have decided that those of us who have been using generations of Page Plus upgrades over the years are not important enough to include us in their newest publishing creation. So with that said I will be sticking with Page Plus 9 and converting all my books, ads, note cards, and other Page Plus files into PDF's just in case the program fails so I am not left with years of unacceptable work. I went through that with Quark and do not look forward to living through that nightmare again. And for all of you out there who have .ppp files I would suggest that you do the same. I read that at least one of you is totally against Apple and does not want to use In-Design but you may want to reconsider that or find another product. For simple things I still use an old version of Microsoft's Publisher. It is too bad that Serif has taken this route as I own 5 of their programs and now will be looking for other options.

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