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  1. I have been testing the Slices Continuous Export option and am on the most current version of Affinity Pro on a second generation 12.9 iPad Pro. Here is what I have found and need to know if this is FAD or a BUG. I create a slice. Set the slice to Continuous Export and have the export going to a specific folder on iCloud. Slice appears in folder upon export. If I exit the project and go to the home screen, when I come back into the project and go to the Slice option, the Continuous Export option for that slice is deselected and must be reset to Continuous Export. Shouldn’t it hold that option as now if I have several slices under Continuous Export and am working on a project over the course of several days, I would have to reset this option for each Slice each time I work on the project (after exiting the project) and over the course of several days. This could cause some issues in Slice integrity. Does not matter if I create a different project, different slice, or different saved location...same behavior. Again, just need to know if FAD or BUG...this is an absolutely fantastic option to Photoshop...PLEASE keep up the good work. So nice to have this power at my fingertips and mobile.

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