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  1. Hi loves! it started yesterday & all my text & loaded SVG images are turning sideways & then looks the complete opposite when exported. Here is what it’s doing! please help! Reset iPad & shows no updates.
  2. Okay perfect! I sent the one that’s not uploading for me. Thank you so much!
  3. Hi Sean! just normal upload like I always do... Click the gear.. click fonts & then hit the cloud for upload. I see it uploaded in the fonts in the settings, but when I go to find it all scrambled in the design section it’s not there. Hope that explains it better! lol crossing fingers it gets fixed soon... need to complete a project! 💜 thanks so much for the fast reply!
  4. Hi loves! The new update has been giving me some problems... I use fonts a lot & they are all listed out of order & just randomly.. takes forever to find the ones I need. lol Also I cannot upload a new font as well. Just a very glitchy update. I hope this gets fixed soon... I have a project I need to finish. 💜 thank you! - Leslie
  5. Thanks so much! I always use vector layers when designing. I created a vector circle & then took an eraser & created all the designs inside so they would be transparent. I did this for my last clients logo & turned out fine after 15 attempts of trying to see how to SVG export it. thats why I did slices with some... because they never worked when regular exporting an SVG. Again guys thanks soooo much. I’ll keep trying around & seeing what happens. Let me know if y’all ever come out with a detailed video of why this happens. lol
  6. Thanks guys! REALLY appreciate you both! Here is the file for when I use DM1 method... I’ve been using the same basic defaults too... it just looks pixelated when exported... but some don’t always look this way.. why I’m confused. let me know what you think..... Untitled Copy.svg
  7. Hi loves! Super affinity designer newbie. I make logos for clients & for some reason having a hard time exporting to SVG.. I’ve sliced before on most of my designs & I usually have to do it a few times until it magically works. The specific design I created is like another I did & the SVG export worked. For some reason I can’t figure it out. I bought the book & super love it... but it doesn’t go into a lot of detail about exporting sadly. Please help. I will add file & hopefully someone can get it! I know I’m doing something wrong if I have to try to 20 times before no
  8. Backed up my files & restarted it. Works like a charm & this helped me make a finale decision to switch from Dropbox to iCloud. lol I soooo appreciate this lesson & your product. Thanks! xoxo
  9. These are my settings. I’ve never changed them since everything was doing right. lol I just don’t understand. I think it’s a glitch maybe. But hopefully it’s a quick fix! Please help anything I can try! It has been doing this since Friday.
  10. Lol... I get that. but not the problem. Correct layer always selected.
  11. Hi! Created a seed of life design behind my logo art & went to erase the lines coming through... but nothing is disappearing. lol Am I doing something wrong? It’s also not working in my other documents I’m currently working on. But is usually fine before... also updated my iPad Pro the newest one after I found out it wasn’t working.. but didn’t help! Is anyone aware of this? I have projects to finish this week! Thanks so much!
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