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  1. Should I use flex nib or hard felt or standard ?
  2. square marker,solid pen with pressure control setting pressure
  3. Right so when I try to draw letters out with a brush that simulates a brush pen I dont get the thinks and thins like it doesnt see my tablet or something not sure how to do this. I came from illustrator and photoshop so this is all different to me. Just wondering if there is a tutorial that shows how to use pressure when using a tablet to make hand lettering script.
  4. I mean draw the lettering out with the paint brush tool
  5. I am trying to do script lettering on PC and finding Affinity to quit difficult to do this is there something I am missing or a tutorial you can recommend? Thanks
  6. I am having a issue when I am trying to use the vector brush to make lettering.First I tried using pressure since I have wacom tablet but, doesnt seem it registers my pressure. Then I tried with stabilizer and I get a super laggy curve for a C and so on its is impossible to make lettering with such high lag..I have a fast pc too. nothing in preferences helps either. Btw same happens in pixel persona Please I need help thanks 2019_04.19-18_30.mp4

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