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  1. In the video, you click the "select image" too, choose the file to place, then click OK. Then you click on a location in the file, and the image places small, and it has handles where you can choose what size you want. Not in my app. The moment I click OK after selecting the image, the image lands on the page - covering it all, even though the image dimensions are smaller than the page. There are no handles, nothing I can do to get the image where I want it at the size I want it. Is the tutorial outdated, or why doesn't it work?
  2. Where can I get such a pdf of the help documents? Do you know a user who has one?
  3. How do I create a pdf? My only options were print/cmyk, devices, and photo, and I picked photo.
  4. Yes, one has to respect one's client's inboxes. What about attaching jpeg of the cover page, so the email doesn't look like a boring text soup. A kind of preview.
  5. Yes, I meant a pdf - that a client or potential client can access via a link. I'm not trying to build a website. I just want to create a readable design where I can publish articles and images and maybe the link to a podcast or a film I made.
  6. Thanks for the input! Glad I asked. Naively, one can create hate natively without even knowing. Nobody wants to annoy others!
  7. I know about the tutorials. The problem is, that they do not show how the software works. The first, for example, creating a new document. He opens a print document. I don't want to print. How do I create a digital magazine? No answers. Also: during the demo, the demonstrator swishes his cursor around fast . He clicks first and then says what he's doing. It would be better to tell me first what he's going to do, and THEN click on the button in order to give eyes a chance to see where it is happening AFTER you know what will happen. Otherwise you'd have to always roll back the recording. For a beginner, those tutorials have very little value. If you know about Adobe InDesign, it might be OK. So my tip is: if you want to get new customers, show them how your software works. Imagine someone wanted to learn Photoshop and there was no book, just a few tutorials. Absolutely impossible. So, if I'm a desktop publishing newbie, how can I learn how to use your software? Where is the manual?
  8. Hello, My first post - and my thanks to the community for being there and answering questions. While I have been working with Photoshop for over ten years, I'm new to a publishing program - and I chose Affinity Publisher because of recommendations and because it is similar to Adobe InDesign. my goal: To create an eMagazine that can be emailed to my photography clients and those interested in my work via email. Here are my specific questions (after researching online, but only coming across magazine apps trying to reel you in and not giving info) 1. What pixel dimensions should this magazine have? 2. Would it be better to have a pdf that you can email, or a link to the pdf that is hosted online? I am thinking of doing the magazine in an sRGB color space, as it is the standard color space of the web (unfortunately) Thanks!
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