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  1. Hi Joachim_L, Your pdf is great. But he does not solve my problem. I can't insert tables in PDF without texts moving. Thanks
  2. Hello, I used this manipulation but the result is the same. I tested all combinations by checking and unchecking. But the problem is not there. I would like to insert the pdf with the tool "place image" and I can not find any options. Thank you.
  3. Win7, Publisher, libreOffice Hello, I noticed a problem with a PDF insert. This PDF come from an ODS board create on freeoffice. The problem remains with an XLS format. Some texts are moved and do not match the boxes. I attach 2 files : - original pdf - pdf export from publisher to illustrate the case. I opened the original PDF with Photo an Design. No problem. Thank you. AffinityPublisherBug_corupt.pdf AffinityPublisherBug_original.pdf