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  1. The beta worked without any rendering issues
  2. Windows 10. It's only when moving the window from the 100% DPI monitor into the 125% monitor. I tried from moving from a 100% to 150% monitor without any issues, also tried 100% to 200%, no problem there either. I can start designer on the 125% DPI monitor, start a new document and start drawing, it works fine. Then I move the window to the 100% monitor, still works fine. But when I then move the window back to the 125% monitor the bug appears. Attached video of the last example. 2019-04-16_13-18-50.mp4
  3. Designer is not rendering the content of the file correctly on the second monitor This is what designer looks like on the primary montor with 100% DPI setting. This is the same window that I have dragged over to the secondary monitor with 125% DPI setting. The drawn graphics has the wrong offset and scaling. The selection is still correct. any mouse actions, drawing and moving, works correctly, I can move the window to the primary monitor and see the correct result. It appears as the rendering is the problem. Affinity Designer Windows 10