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  1. Hi James, thanks also for your fast response. Great support! I've just purchased affinity photo and installed the beta. And yes, it's much more faster! Especially the clone tool works like expected! Also selecting (!) the tripod with the freehand tool is really good and the filling is also felt 50-times faster. Please improve it as much as you can! There's no software (as far as I know) which can manage this issue. Nevertheless there are two further questions: First, I'm wondering how to add a second HDRI Layer to my Composition. Right away, Version 1.6 crashes if I try it. For Example: I've a Backgroundlayer. It's the whole 360° HDRI. And I've a second Layer. That contains only the sun. So, if I retouched the Backgroundlayer and import/place the Sun-Layer - nothing happens. If i drag + drop the sun Layer into the composition, nothing happens too. As said, if I try it in 1.6 I get an error message. Do you have a idea? And: Second, I like to balance the HDRI into affinity. Are there any plans to integrate a divide blende mode? Thanks again! Edit: Ok, it seems so that 1.7 crashes too. I have waited about 20 Minutes but nothing happened. But everything freezed.
  2. Hi Callum, unfortunately my Test Periode expired these hours. If you promise me, we'll solve the problem, i'll buy a license right now!
  3. Hello, i've just downloaded the Demo Version due to recommendations. Mainly I'll want to use it to retouch the nadir on high resolution HDRI Spheres (35 k). And that's the problem: Affinity can't handle that resolution on my PC (it seems so!) but other photographers told me it runs smoothly on their workstation. - The infill-tool lasts ages to fill something. Even in small areas. - The Clone-Tool lags totally. It has no acceptable functionality. I've built in 64GB Ram and a Xeon 2145 with 3.7 GHz Base Clock and a RTX 2080Ti. Affinity is also installed on a SSD. So there shouldn't be any issues? Do you have any workaround or suggestions how to improve the performance? Many Thanks, Chris
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