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  1. Hi, I was wondering is Affinity has a roadmap or is considering VFX as a target? I currently work as a TD in Pixomondo, for the matte painter department the tool of choice is Photoshop, however, Affinity is pretty close to all the tools needed for this task and could take all the VFX industry because it has some nice advantages over Photoshop, but it needs a little more work in: Complete OCIO support, currently there are some limitations. Consider LINUX, this is a big deal because, most of VFX work is done in LINUX and there is not a replacement for PS. With a good tool in LINUX we could move 100% from windows. Create an API in python to allow an easy integration with the rest of the pipeline. I hope you can consider how big Affinity could become if it can take down PS for the VFX industry. Cheers,
  2. Jose Enriquez

    Affinity for VFX

    I don't think I used the word easy. Adobe is the king in photo manipulation market and they are not interested in the visual effects industry. Their position is not challeged, so they dont need to think in a different way. People has to stay in windows because they have to, but many would move from it as soon as they can find a equivalent tool in linux. What I try to say, is that there are other markets where nobody takes ownership like the visual effects.
  3. Jose Enriquez

    Affinity for VFX

    This is a big opportunity for Affinity to get inside the visual effects industry, everyone wants to leave Photoshop due its not availability in Linux, lack of OCIO support and limited dynamic range when exporting. Most of the big studios use Linux, and the professional visual effects artists, even freelancer, would prefer to move to Linux if they had the chance.

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