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  1. Thank you. Just found Affinity Designer too... apparently it's Iillustrator's "replacement". So reasonably priced too. I may get both.
  2. Please indulge me one more question. Can I create vector graphics with this?
  3. Remember when PS had that exchange? Does Affinity have something similar? I'm doing some digging around but things are so spread out... a little pointing in the right direction would be appreciated to no end. I'll play with the trial when I have a full 10 days alone and in a row to dedicate to playing around. It's car show season and I show my car and my guy's band plays most shows and it gets a bit hectic until things slow down! "Everyone" keeps telling me to go with GIMP but I'm not sold on it. Affinity is truly piquing my interest
  4. thanks Callum. I'll see what else I can dig up. The switch has to come soon!
  5. I am very intrigued by this software but I have a lot invested in my current version of "that other" application. I can't or haven't been able to find answers to a couple of questions that will have me buying and learning this today. I see a lot of things can be imported like my brushes, color swatches etc, but can I import my custom shapes, gradients, plugins (Alien Skin Eye Candy etc), styles, patterns, textures etc. You see where I'm going here. If these cannot be imported I have a lot of work ahead of me to recreate this stuff, but maybe there are converters out there? Basically will this application accept all the file type extensions that I can import into Adobe Photoshop or will I be almost starting from scratch?
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