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  1. Thanks to all the responses. Now I have seen that the boarder is in fact there even though I can't see it while editing. The HD size I mentioned, used by camera clubs for projecting to a screen is 1920 px wide by 1080 px high. One dimension can be cropped provided the other is the exact dimension. This post has been helpful in bringing my attention to the easier way of producing the border using layer effects.
  2. I belong to a camera club that prefers a 1 pixel boarder when a boarder is used in HD size pictures. To do this I go to "select all" then Select "grow/shrink" which I select -2 px (one on each side and top and bottom) then "Select Invert Pixel Selection" Then "Edit Fill" and finally "Select Deselect" But most of the attempts result in missing boarder on one or or more of the edges. The photo software I used to use but which shall remain nameless did not exhibit this problem. I am using Windows 10 Version 1903 and Affinity Photo Beta I have tried to attach an example but when the upload has finished an error is reported, I tried to upload a Jpeg version and Afphoto version but both report upload failed.
  3. JohnWest

    Call for Camera Images

    Hi, I have sent RAW NRW and JPG from Nikon Coolpix P1000 not included in the current production release of Affinity Photo. I think the RAW as loaded without any adjustment could be improved in that the JPEG from the camera shows better contrast and less tendency to be overexposed in the peak white area. I didn't use the D-lighting processing in the camera.
  4. The RAW format NRW produced by the Nikon P1000 cannot be corrected and is obviously not yet supported. I can use Capture NX-D to convert to Jpeg. Will the format for the P1000 be added to the supported RAW processing? I have tried the NEF format produced with the Nikon D7100 and that works well.