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  1. Deco_tk

    Node selection threshold problem

    Dammmn, just tested it today and the issue really got away, I can use the pencil just perfectly. LLOTS OF THANKS TO AFFINITY TEAM <3
  2. Deco_tk

    Node Tool Accuracy

    April 2019 and I’m getting the same problem. I’m seriously considering to ask for a refund because as you said it makes the app basically unusable, it’s slows down my workflow so much that it simply doesn’t worth my patience. Hope they fix this ASAP
  3. Hello, I’ve been having a problem with a basic function on affinity Designer for IPad. But as I don’t know if it can be a settings issue I’ve come here to ask but maybe I’m just being dumb or I’m not used to the affinity workflow. Depending on the distance between a node and the handles, I just can’t select the node properly, instead one of the handles ends up being selected and I accidentally move that handle. So in order to move the node I have to zoom in until there’s really no chance of selecting a handle. Even if I’m clearly with the Apple Pencil right on top of the node and completely out of the handle space most of the time I accidentally select the handle. the same missclick problem happens if I have a thin Line (about 0.5pt) above a another selectable object. If try to move or duplicate that thin line, almost always the background object ends up being selected, unless I give a huge zoom and even then it was difficult for me to move the line. Another case is if I zoom out and there’s some nodes close to each other I can’t select most of them due to the click area. I couldn’t find any affinity tutorial that solved my problem. I’ve tested another vectorial app for iPad and I could do all the things I mentioned here without a single problem. I do like affinity and I really do hope there’s a way of changing this selection range/sensitivity/threshold , because it’s not being worth for me to use it right now, it’s only slowing down my workflow. From the object distance on the attached imagem I’m already unable to select any of the two nodes by the side of the blue(active) one. I’m using IPad Pro A1876 with Apple Pencil 2nd generation and Affinity 16.4.45 thanks for the support.

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