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  1. Thanks for trying to help - you posted as I changed the post to "Solved." (It was a problem with clipping to canvas.)
  2. Dan -- Clipping to Canvas worked! (And now I've learned something new for my future work!) THANK YOU!
  3. I have tried moving it, but the image shown is the full graphic that opened in Affinity.
  4. I am using Affinity Photo Desktop 1.6.11. I am trying to open an EPS file, but only part of the file opens and can be manipulated. The top and the left side of the image is cropped, and those elements of the image do not show up in the list of layers. (See screenshot -- there should be a fifth book on top of the red one; that fifth book shows up when I open the file in Preview.) What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

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