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  1. That's a good analysis Medical Officer Bones and I do agree with some of what you said however, the system does not have to make or mold complex objects, it just has to be able to paint on them, why would I switch over to blender or Maya to make the object, save the file from Affinity as a PNG or JPG, move the file to a different program and than save it in the 3D program's file type... You get the point. If affinity has a 3D engine people wouldn't have to switch over and do all that extra stuff, they can just switch over to the 3D renderer and import or create a simple object in which they can simply paint and render the object and finally save the file from various options of different file types. This would keep artists on Affinity and make their work a lot easier and faster.
  2. Hello everyone, I used to use Adobe Photoshop and recently switched to Affinity Photo, although I never really got into the 3D aspect of Photoshop, I knew it was there if I ever needed it and now that I am getting more into 3D rendering and game development I wish that Affinity Photo would also have a 3D rendering feature. I think it would be great if Affinity Photo had a decent if not great 3D painting platform where users can render and export a ready-to-use 3D model with great graphics to game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine and have support for Maya and Fusion 360 files. This feature would not only increase sales but would make Affinity Photo the go-to program for all kinds of graphic designers and artists. In addition to Affinity Designer, artists would have no problem also purchasing your products over any other top sellers like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. With your low, non-subscription prices this would not only be a smart choice to make but very important in terms of marketing and expanding your target market. Thanks in advance.