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  1. I found the solution. I had the .afdesign file open in Affinity Designer. I suppose it was locked, and Affinity Photo was unable to open it. After closing the original in Affinity Designer, the "New Batch Job" process ran fine. Still, it seems that Affinity Photo should have reported an error ...
  2. Hi Lee, Thanks for the reply. Doing a search, there were were quite a few files with that name...though none in the folder (which is in a sub folder of Documents) where the original designer file was . I renamed the file to something unique (“where am I”) then ran a batch job again and searched. Only the designer file was found.
  3. Hi, I've recently purchased Affinity Photo 1.6.11 (running on macOS 10.14.4.) I'm having a problem similar to the one described here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/63849-photo-batch-processing-does-not-save/. But I'm not using Default Folder X as the OP was. After pressing OK, the New Batch Job dialog disappears instantly and doesn't seem to do anything. When I examine the output folder in Finder, the file is not there. Thanks