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  1. Thank you. This solve the problem for me. But for affinity Team, I think it is a bug...
  2. Okay, strange Because me I have this : We can see obvious distord... and if I check or uncehck the lens correction, it did nothing.... And I have this problem of my two computer... A problem of drivers ? I probably reinstall the software... I am on windows.
  3. Yes, but it was a different DNG (I am not in my computer with the picture of example). But I have the problem with all DNG from Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4k on Affinity Photo. A001_04041925_S024.dng
  4. Hi, Thx for this answer. But i already disable it
  5. Hello, I have a problem when opening dng files from the blackmagic pocket cinema 4k. Here is a screenshot to illustrate. (we can see distortion in the corner) On Rawtherapee, the image opens well. And on blackmagic da vinci resolve too. Other people have this problem with the DNG format? I have photo affinity: