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  1. I did purchase Affinity Photo in the end and In May 2020 I am using Affinity Photo I have followed the setup as described by Olygo with my Pro-10S and when in the Affinity print module I also set the colour matching to "printer driver" as the ICC profile was defined in the driver. This provided an acceptable print. However I use a selection of printer papers and find it more convenient to set the ICC profile in the application rather than the driver. So back in the driver matching tab I set the driver to "none" and printed from Affinity selecting the colour matching from Affinity app and choosing the appropriate ICC profile. NO IMPROVEMENT. Skin tones again had a magenta cast which I assume is due to both the application and driver applying colour correction. So I am back to my workflow of exporting from Affinity and printing from ON1. The need to export is a niggle which reduces my enthusiasm to PP in Affinity photo.
  2. Do you use a Canon Pro-10s printer? Can you confirm that assigning a profile changed the print? I am happy to be corrected but when I tried the print was not as good as from LR using the Canon Plugin. The test print was a downloaded .jpg found on the internet as well as my own image.
  3. I was unable to find a way of using an ICC profile with Affinity and my Canon Pr0-10s. For that reason I did not purchase Affinity at the end of the trial. I can not remember the details. If you are on a MAC then the Canon driver may allow you specify the ICC, but in W10 I got nowhere. My test was to print the same image on the same paper, once using the correct ICC and once using an ICC for a very different paper. (In my case Permajet Oyster and canon MATT). I had expected to see a difference but did not hence concluded that the ICC had no impact. Also the prints from Affinity had a red / magenta cast but were accurate when printed through LR with the Canon plugin. I have purchased ON1 which seems to print well. At the moment I very occasionally use GIMP (free download) if I need a bit more layer work. If you try GIMP, be aware it is very much destructive editing with only one set back available if you make an error!. DxO rendered my files clearer with reduced noise and with Affinity would have been my proffered workflow if DxO supported Fuji and Affinity or DxO would print reliably. In the end I just ran out of time to experiment. Sorry I can not be of more help.
  4. FOR THOSE NEW TO AFFINITY WITH A CANON PRINTER I have just downloaded a trial of Affinity Photo and can confirm that on W10 the PRINT function provided me with the features I require and used most frequently in Canon Print Studio Pro, (mainly sizes and ICC profile). On a quick try, I was also able to successfully use the selection tool. This worked at least as well as when I use PS CC. Select on focus may have been a little quicker but I can probable live without it as I usually needed to tidy up the layer mask afterwards.
  5. Thanks again v_kyr, This leaves the question, does the Affinity App permit the specification of an ICC in the Print module? If so then all may be well. The downloaded manual from https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3uxmmypdx9ruzw/Affinity%20Photo%20Manual.pdf?dl=0 page 451 suggests that the Print module is very sparse in features, just allowing scaling of the image (that is important to me also). Other forum comments also suggests that the Print module is sparse. However the video https://vimeo.com/203279705 Shows that with windows, the ICC profile can be set in the Affinity App. (although it does show the 'manual' tab in the printer driver that does not work on my PC). So my way forward is to find time to download and evaluate a free trial of Affinity and see what works for me, then it may be goodbye to LR & PS both of which I find are becoming overdeveloped with as many bugs as fixes with each download. Thanks again
  6. When I do step 3, the window closes no option for selecting an option. The PDF Online Manual seems to be writen arround applications that use the plug-in and not the driver direct. Thank you for your input though.
  7. I also was about to transfer to Affinity but do use ICC profiles. Has anyone found a way to specify an ICC profile in Windows 10 for a Canon Pro 10S? I have tried using the Windows 10 "Color Management" control panel but it is not clear if my selected ICC will be used and specifing a non Canon ICC was difficult. In the advanced settings tab of "canon easy-photo print EX" 'Print tab, step 4', I can select "Enable ICC profile" but it has no facility to specify the ICC. "My Image Garden" nor the canon driver have ICC options in Windows 10. Has anyone achieved printing with a specified ICC without the Canon Plug-in?
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