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  1. Megapollux

    Crash exporting to Photo ( Share in )

    thanks for your answer in designer : no possibility to choose read and write , there’s only the siri option in photo : it’s ok , but crash is still here
  2. Hi everyone i’m using an Ipad Pro , and i’m an « old » user of affinity Designer ( On Windows, on Mac Os and now on Ipad) Thes best App i ever had, but today there’s a problem : Are you using the latest version? Can you reproduce it? Yes , every time i’m trying to « share with » Photo Does it happen for a new document? It happen for every document , NEw documents or documents i’ve created with Affinity Windows 10 or Mac Os . I’m using this Ipad for the first time, and Affinity Designer is the first one i’ve installed from the App Store. I hope you’ll tell me how can i fix this Thanks Here’s the picture just before the crash

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