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  1. Thanks so much for the help.Now I understood . Sorry for being Naive .I am just getting used to digital things . Affinity is my first vector tool
  2. Hi ,Alfred Thanks for the quick response I was following a tutorial in skillshare by Liz Kohler Brown on pattern designing . I did not use the shapes but basic dry brush for making shapes and tried doing addition and things . Yes I selected selected both layers. Sorry I don't know what is a retail version. I bought this last year and trying to learn using the app in iPad .
  3. Hi ,I am not able to do the Boolean operation in iPad.what ever I click it does only addition and I saw a tutorial and in that selected shape will change color of the other layer down .it didn't happen in mine . what am I doing wrong?
  4. Hi I am completely new to illustration tools and Affinity designer is the first of that kind I have used. Idrew a picture using pen tool and was trying to export in svg format . It was not getting exported in the first place .I was not able to send it in the email as well.Finally it got saved in the photos but to my surprise it was rasterised version. Please help me understand what went wrong. Why was it not getting exported to file explorer or any other places . Thanks in advance
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