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  1. Thanks for the tip. But this may be solve the viewing problem in the editor, but the export? ... I've tried it: No effect I am confused how a program you have to pay for has such problems (I've bought it yesterday). Until now I've used the free inkscape. Such problems in a freeware is accaptable, but for payware.
  2. Thanks for the answer. I've read the post and linked post :) So its an antialias problem, but shouldn't it be better to simply turn off antialias? And, why, if I export to png, using "next pixel" (so no antialias) it has the same ugly optic?
  3. Hey there. I am new to the designer. I have "Lines" between (snapped or not snapped) objects. I've drawn some triangles and snapped them together. In the edtior there are lines between them - like an outline. But there is no outline. If I Export it to PNG all the lines are already there. I've made a screenshot. Maybe someone can give a hint. Already tried to Position them by Hand etc. no Change checked in the color-box for outline etc. Nothing. Zoomed to max. objects fit.
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