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  1. Hi @GabrielM, Thanks for you reply. I did some more troubleshooting after my initial submission. I've made an edit to the post, but this didn't get saved. I managed to solve the issue. My objects are relatively complex with many anchorpoints. I noticed that I did not have the issue with using the Geometry options on a simple object. Once I: Clean-up unnecessary point and curves Made sure al the curves are closed Use the Corner Tool to correct the corners and then Bake them I was able to Combine/Subtract objects as needed. So I'm happy to report that my issue is solved. Regards, Mark
  2. Hello @GabrielM, I did encounter the same issue on my Mac today with the Geometry option in Affinity Designer v1.6.1. When I use Geometry > Subtract when I have to objects selected, it seems that the Geometry process freezes. The Subtract progress bar shows as expected and shows completed (progress 100%) immediately, but the progress bar does not disappear and after that I cannot continue/ select objects and so on. Only solution is to force quite the application and start it. The issue occurs every time when I use the Geometry tool. These are my Mac details: Mac mini, Intel Core i7 3,2 GHz (6 cores), L2-cache (per core): 256 KB, L3-cache: 12 MB, Memory: 32 GB Same issue occurs in Affinity Photo v1.6.7 I hope you can help me. Thank you very much for your support. Regards, Mark
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