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  1. Yep, I'll stick with Publisher for now!
  2. Hi Thanks for replying. Your suggestion is a useful one for small batches, but I would need this to work on a merge file - I might have 4000 records or more to run, so I'd need it to be dynamic/automated I'm afraid! I'll keep an eye on this project to see if this is ever considered, but otherwise I'll have to stick with MS Publisher (I'm aware this requirement might not be very high on the priority list for development )
  3. Hi I understand mail merging itself is some way off yet, so this is more than a little premature, but is there any possibility of a 'shrink to fit' option for merged text in a text frame? This feature is the one reason I'm still using MS Publisher as Indesign can't do it without some clunky post-process scripting which takes forever to run. I do a lot of work with name badges which have to fit a limited space, so this would be fantastic for me and well worth a purchase. Good luck with the rest of the development in any event - seems like it's shaping up to be a nifty little product.
  4. Ashley Willis

    Mail Merge

    Just wanted to add my support to this - mail merge is critical for me and really NEEDS to be there!