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  1. I've closed affinity and reopened it with the image that I'm editing only.
  2. The brush doesn't even do the preview when you go over the image.
  3. The image is already merged. Just doing the final touches.
  4. Using windows 10 home, i7 3.07 GHz., 12gs. ram, Asus Mother board, AMD Radeon HD 6800, 4 Samsung 32" monitors. Will have new computer build and on line in a week or two. Cooler Master full tower, Intel i9 9900k, Msi mother board, 64 gs. ram, M.2 hard drive with 2T SSD backup, ect. ect. ect., but I don't think my system is the issue. It worked fine a few weeks ago.
  5. What is happening is that I select the healing brush or any brush press the alt key then I try to edit ,but nothing happens. Retail or Beta.
  6. My retail version brushes quit, so I down loaded the beta version Same results. Using Windows 10. Help Please! Is there a windows update that is messing with affinity?
  7. Works fine then after an hour or so the healing brush tool stops working. closed program/ rebooted and still doesn't work, then all of a sudden it works. Any ideas?
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