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  1. Hi Callum- Here is an example of a file. I am not familiar with how to ensure PDF compatibility is enabled. Modern Office.ai
  2. Looking for feedback here...I work heavy in Affinty Designer and at times Photo. I currently have a supped up MacBook Pro and utilize my iPad Pro time when I need to draw. I’d like to move back to an iMac to expand my workspace and RAM with the new 2019’s and utilize my iPad when I’m away from the office. I posted another topic regarding asking about issues I was having directly importing ai and psd files from Google Drive and the Files app. Ultimately looking to see others opinion if I would be able to rely on Designer for iPad whenever I travel or I’m away. Any feed back would be much
  3. I wasn’t able to see any prior posting about this topic...can affinity designer iPad import ai and psd files directly? I have tried pulling from the files app on iPad and Google Drive with no luck.
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