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  1. sarahrenee

    Paint Brush tool not painting??

    I appreciate the extra info! Currently searching how to fill a pixel layer. Hopefully this works! Thank you so much
  2. sarahrenee

    Paint Brush tool not painting??

    Thank you! Glad I can record now for a better example of what’s happening. Guess I didn’t realize in the screenshot that I was selecting the white fill layer but I have been selecting the layer I’d like to paint on and it still wasn’t working. I’ll show everyone now! the white fill is on a color option just to show me the photo in black and white so I can retouch better. As you can see... it just doesn’t... paint??? ive also included a short recording of the tutorial I’m watching just in case that helps. His hardness is also set to zero and he’s exaggerating the effect in the video. If all my setting are at %100 and nothings showing up... well what the heck 125AF463-0418-4DDD-B08F-19B4050C024C.MP4 F89D5467-216D-4D1C-B2FD-3BFD37550823.MP4
  3. Hey guys, thanks in advance for your help! I recently purchased affinity and am beginner/intermediate.. I also recently watched a dodging and burning tutorial involving 50% gray fill layers and painting white or black on them to “dodge” or “burn” excepppppt my paint brush tool isn’t painting? I don’t use an Apple pen, I’ve already toggled the “touch for gestures only” on and off to see if that would solve it and nothing. My history will acknowledge that I used the paint tool, and even if I have my opacity/flow to %100, I’m seeing 0 effect ): I can’t screen record so here’s a screenshot of where all my selections are at. If I attempt to paint, well, nothing happens. Hahah pretty frustrating as it’s a small issue to hinder my workflow ): help!