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  1. I have a Publisher file with color profile CMYK Coated FOGRA39 in which different Publisher and Designer files with the same color profile are embedded. In all of these documents I am using the same color palette and everything looks fine in the main publisher file. But when I export it as PDF same colors clearly have different shades, depending on wether an element was part of the main file or an embedded file. If I import the PDF into publisher again, all is fine again and same colors have the same CMYK values. But as I said, the PDF looks wrong on my screen. Any help is appreciated!
  2. If you preview a .afdesign file in the Finder by pressing the space bar it is of very low resolution. This results in a really small preview @1x, so pixelated on retina screens.
  3. It's working perfectly fine now, thanks!
  4. Exactly, that's what I'm trying to achieve and that worked in previous versions of the Publisher beta. logos_cmyk.afdesign This is the Designer-file which is embedded in the Publisher-file above.
  5. Hi, I have an Affinity Designer document with artboards embedded into my Publisher document. The problem is, if I export as PDF the embedded vectors are being rasterised. This does not happen if the embedded document does not contain artboards but is only one document. On at some places things start to get really ugly, as the underlying background is being rasterised too. I've included some screenshots of the file in Publisher and the exported PDF. Also, if I choose "rasterise nothing" in the export menu, most (but not all) of the embedded files are just missing completely in the exported PDF. This problem does only occur since the latest update (version, it was working fine earlier. I also attached the Publisher and PDF files. Jonas corporate_design_guidelines.afpub corporate_design_guidelines.pdf