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  1. One more thing Chris, if this issue is down to the Meta Data being checked, then by un-checking it you lose all the attached Meta Data - should the image dimensions, dpi & colour mode be seperated from the Meta Data? Only because people might still want to keep some aspects of the data attached to the image, but a simple resize & colour change shouldn't mean having to remove all the data from an image - just a thought ;)
  2. Ah that's worked, brilliant! I'm just resizing stock images from iStock or other Photographers images that I/we use so there isn't any one camera specifically, but I have tested it on a number of different images from different sources now and it's all working great :) Thanks for your help Chris - I'll continue to use the BETA version until it's released as there isn't a MetaData checkbox in v1.3.5 (unless i've missed it somewhere), but keep up the good work, it's a great app!
  3. Eureka! LOL - I went on another issue and saw the option to open holding CTRL and cleared all the user datas and all seems to be working fine again - I didn't know about the CRTL startup - I will do a few more tests just to make sure :)
  4. Hi Chris, Have just tried the above with the Beta version and the "file > export" still isn't exporting the image to the resized size or specified DPI. The "Export Persona" has now also started ignoring the resized values, but it is embedding the color profile which is good. If i do a "Save As" to a ".afphoto" file type then re-open the file in AP, the size changes are honoured, but as soon as I do a "File > export", it completely ignores the changes - weird! Cheers
  5. Thanks Chris, I will check it out
  6. Hi, So thought I'd try & show you rather than explain by typing ;) Here are the original settings for an RGB image: These are the resized changes I want to make: and here are the changes to the colour mode & ICC profile of the image: Now when I got to export via the "File > export", these are the presets I'm using: So I proceed to export the image, but when I then bring the image back in to Affinity Photo, rather than the image being 200mm (w) @ 300dpi, as I'd set above, here is what the exported image is showing as: As you can see, the width is now 333mm (?) and the DPI has been set to 180dpi. The colour mode is CMYK & the ICC profile is correct. Now, if I export the image via the "Export Persona" using the same settings: when I bring the exported image back into AP, the resize settings have taken effect: but the ICC profile is set to "Generic CMYK profile": Apologies, but I had to use Apple's ColorSync Utility to show the profile as AP auto assigns the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 profile by default, but you can see that it hasn't embedded the profile as requested. I hope all that helps explain the issue a little clearer - please let me know if you need any more info. Cheers
  7. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo and I'm resizing the image via the "Document > Resize Document" menu option. When exporting via the "File > export" method, it won't let me select a different ICC profile as it just defaults to "Use document preset", which is fine as this is set to U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 which is what I want, so that's not a problem - the issue with this method is that even though I've resized the document, the exported version doesn't honour my changes in that respect. If I export via the "Export Persona", it does honour my resizing changes, but not the ICC profile. I have re-tried again making sure I have the "embed ICC profile" ticked along with the U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 profile, yet it still exports with the "Generic CMYK profile" embedded. Thanks
  8. Hi, Not sure if this is a bug or not, but say I have an image that is: RGB - 240dpi - 250mm wide and I want to change the image to: CMYK - 300dpi - 200mm wide when I then export the image via the "file > export" method, the image retains its CMYK colour mode & the document ICC profile (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2), but doesn't retain the resized width or the updated DPI setting, so the exported image is now: CMYK - 240dpi - 250mm wide - U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 NOT CMYK - 300dpi - 200mm wide - U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2 If I then try the same export via the "Export Persona", the image retains its CMYK colour mode, its resized with & the updated DPI, but doesn't retain the document ICC profile (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2), so the exported image is now: CMYK - 300dpi - 200mm wide - no profile / Generic CMYK profile Am I doing something wrong or have I missed something when I'm exporting the image that's causing the difference between the 2 export methods? Any help would be much appreciated.