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  1. So, I’m not entirely sure how to word this without it sounding confusing but I’ll try. I’m very used to photoshop and I’ve been loving Affinity Photo on the iPad but I’ve run into an issue. To keep it short - can you have multiple pictures free floating on the canvas? Whenever I open a picture and want to add another photo to it, I’m constrained within the size of the previously opened photo. The only solution I’ve found is to open each photo separately, edit them how I need and then copy/paste onto what I want it on. Even that isn’t ideal but it’s sort of working. Detailed explanation - I’m working on a phone wallpaper. The canvas size is the phone’s resolution and whenever I drop photos in to mask them/cut things out I can only do it within the size of the tiny canvas that has been created. So I have to constantly move them around to get to areas that are hidden by the canvas. Any help would be greatly appreciated!