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  1. @Mark Ingram at one point it was, yes. Its like the app thought i was resizing a shape or inking a line when the cursor showed up even when i wasnt making contact with the screen. I was toggling a bunch of settings to try and see if i could figure out my issues and must have made some change that fixed that one issue. I dont think that is a problem now though.
  2. Hey Mark, It depends, i mean when Im working on a vector based illustration using the Pen tool and shapes in succession then it gets pretty toasty. I more or less was hoping you guys would tell me if you thought this was a bug or working as intended... And maybe just a point of consideration as I dont experience this in other applications. Alex
  3. When working in Affinity Designer (bought from MS Store) on the Surface Pro 6 (512GB SSD, 16GB RAM,i7-8650U, Intel UHD Graphics 620) I experience significant increases to CPU requirements when working with the Surface Pen. When working in the Draw persona and creating / modifying vector shapes the input device used to create and modify has significantly different CPU requirements. For example, the CPU usage when using the track-pad or a Bluetooth mouse seems normal and rarely spikes above 10%. However, when using the Surface Pro pen, creating and resizing shapes or using the pen tool causes the CPU. The below videos highlight this issue to a small degree. However if I continue to use the pen tool the CPU requirements spike well about 60% and only return to normal when the Surface Pen is moved far enough away from the screen to no longer register the cursor. While any function in AD with the Surface Pen results in high CPU requirements, it is most noticeably different from other input devices (track-pad, BT mouse) with vector tools like shapes and the Pen tool. It is less severe when using the paint brush (in both Draw and Pixel) or pencil tool though they do still cause CPU usage above what I would expect. I have tested the Surface pen versus mouse CPU usage in other drawing apps (Sketachable, Autodesk, etc) and have not found there to be any disconnects in CPU requirements based on input device. Could a developer let me know if what I am experiencing is normal, or suggestion any remedies? I am using my surface in Desktop mode and have High Precision Tablet Input turned off. Please note I have tested this in both the current production version of AD as well as the Beta v It's to the point where using the Surface Pro pen for prolonged periods of time is not possible and impacts my workflow. Affinity_Designer_Beta_-_Input_CPU_Usage.mp4.7b4e5d447d005aef5245efb9fbf72741.mp4 Affinity_Designer_-_Input_CPU_Usage.mp4.9fd351ee8f3149a9ac96ab50dc68184a.mp4
  4. I tested some more tonight... it seems that the CPU spiking happens worst with vector shapes and the pen tool. Using paint brush in both Draw and Pixel persona don't seem to exacerbate the issue too bad, same with the pencil tool. However, if I try to use the pen tool.... even starting a line and hovering my Surface Pro Pen above the screen results in the CPU climbing to unreasonable levels +30%. I really need help figuring out why this is happening. I've been monitoring process and it is isolated to Affinity Designer.
  5. What pen are you using? I assume its for a Wacom tablet and not the surface?
  6. Meaning once disabled it corrected your issue? Did you notice any improvement on the CPU/GPU load from using your pen as an input device?
  7. Hey Dan, I will check the preferences and let you know. As to other drawing apps... let's be honest, are there really any other drawing apps . Yes, I have and do not register the spike (Autodesk SB and MS Sketchable). Oh, and the Beta interface and functionality is on-point. It looks and feels amazing. Alex
  8. Okay, so I did a quick screen recording with three input methods. Mouse, finger, and pen. I did the test before and after installing the Beta and am attaching the recordings. You can see the spike in CPU/GPU when using touch input with either finger or pen. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Maybe i'm reading into it too much, but it seems to be an unusually high CPU/GPU load for such a menial task. Even more so to see such a variance from an input "device". Affinity_Designer_-_Input_CPU_Usage.mp4 Affinity_Designer_Beta_-_Input_CPU_Usage.mp4
  9. Hey Dan, I appreciate the response. I am using my surface in desktop mode. I'll download the Beta tonight and see if that helps at all. One thing to note though I don't think it would make a difference is the version of AD I have was purchased from the Microsoft Store. Not sure if the fact that would play any role into the issue... given the price v utility of AD I'd happily shell out another $50 to download the Serif store version if I thought that would remedy the issue. I'll post an update to the thread after testing following the Beta install. Thanks, Alex
  10. Hello, I searched prior posts but didn't see anything similar to my question / issue and apologize if a Forum Guru is about to point me to a pre-existing thread. When working in Affinity Designer on the Surface Pro (specs below) I experience significant CPU spikes when working with the Surface Pen. For example, if I create a square shape and use the track-pad or any Bluetooth mouse to resize the shape I see very little change to the amount of CPU required to perform the tast. Similarly, if I resize the shape using my finger via touchscreen... very little CPU require. However, if I perform the same task using the Surface Pen (both when connected via BT and not) the CPU spikes and runs close to 100%. I confirmed that it's Affinity Designer that is requiring the CPU and not a Microsoft process / pen tool feature. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm worried about overheating due to utilizing the Surface Pen in AD. Computer Specs: Surface Pro 6th Gen SSD 512MB 16GB RAM i7-8650U Intel UHD Graphics 620
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