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  1. moononthebones

    No OpenType superscript

    Hi @AdamW, thanks for logging this and sorry I didn't keep abreast of the discussion; it went a little over my head in places.
  2. moononthebones

    No OpenType superscript

    I'm using version 1.000 also and have the OpenType superscripts working in Designer and TextEdit; superscripts in other fonts work correctly, so it does just seem to be Basier that's affected. So far I've just been using the Publisher beta to 'play' and test, but can create a document. I'm unwilling to share the fonts here because of the licence (but the free download font has the issue too) and am a newbie here: is there a way to contact the Affinity developers directly?
  3. moononthebones

    No OpenType superscript

    @walt.farrell & @Alfred thanks for your suggestions; I'll use those to keep including superscripts. I've found that using a bolder font can make it look more 'even' too.
  4. moononthebones

    No OpenType superscript

    I'm using the font Basier Square (from here: http://atipofoundry.com/fonts/basier) in Affinity Publisher Beta, but the OpenType superscripts don't work or appear in the typography panel. I'm using Affinity Publisher Beta on macOS 10.14.3; the problem also occurred in the previous beta. Using the same font in Affinity Designer 1.6.5 gives me the option to use OpenType superscripts and they appear correctly. Can you help me resolve why the two programs are running differently? Ben

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