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  1. Gdenby, Thank you. I think I get what you are trying to say. First, I have no idea why the outer shapes are pixels. I started with curves I believe and finally got the shape I wanted as you see in the hand drawn picture below left. I get that the circle has to be added to the pointed shapes and then the others added as a lower layer so as to appear behind. I will keep trying to make it work by adding color.
  2. Thank you! I don't know what you mean by removing the masks as you did. I selected the shapes and clicked the add you see highlighted at the top. Then I tried to add the curved shapes and the first set disappeared. Is this what you meant? So sorry. I appreciate your help.
  3. Thank you, Dan. Here it is. lovethesunyourein.afdesign
  4. So, I am brand new to Affinity and I want to have the pointed outlines sunrays merge with the curved sunrays as if the curved rays are behind the others. I can't figure out how to merge them. The tools add, subtract, intersect, divide, etc. don't work. The circle shape within is actually covering the sunrays and can be moved if I can find a way to merge the other rays. Any help would be great. Thank you.