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  1. AKreativec

    Save as .pdf issue

    I will recheck if that also happened on Windows X on another computer - but as far as I remember I've already had problems on that OS. Best reagrds AK
  2. AKreativec

    Save as .pdf issue

    Google Font - Oxygen - publicly available Font are definitely not issue because this happened on various font types. Windows 8.1 Slovenian language Best reagrds AK OXYGEN-ITALIC.OTF OXYGEN-BOLD.TTF OXYGEN-BOLD.OTF OXYGEN-BOLDITALIC.OTF OXYGEN-LIGHT.TTF OXYGEN-ITALIC.OTF OXYGEN-BOLDITALIC.OTF OXYGEN-LIGHT.TTF
  3. AKreativec

    Save as .pdf issue

    Here you go. 2019-03-14 09-07-13.mp4
  4. AKreativec

    Save as .pdf issue

    Where is the problem then? I am using Windows 8.1 Might that be a problem?
  5. AKreativec

    Save as .pdf issue

    Sorry I did not read twice what I wrote and it sounds stupid. File ORIGINAL.pdf was made using Illustrator. First I Open ORGINAL.pdf in Affinity Designer and I Export it as .pdf in whatever option possible (except flatten which works fine) - example of export is TESTa.pdf. File that was saved by Affinty Designer is not useful - check file TESTa.pdf... You can try by yourself. Is it possible the problem is because text is written in other language then English using čšž?
  6. AKreativec

    Save as .pdf issue

    First I import .pdf file which was created using Illustrator (ORIGINAL.pdf) then I import it to Designer and everything looks fine until I save it and re-open it with Affinity Designer. TESTa is a result of saved document. Check also ORIGINAL.pdf print screen opened by Affinity Designer and reopened after saved with Affinity Designer . ORIGINAL.pdf TESTa.pdf

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