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  1. Thank you Gabriel! So I did some playing about based on your suggestions and found the following. Yes - rasterizing is the trick! Even better - there is a "Share to Notability" function I can switch on, which makes it relatively seamless. Saving as JPEG is bad - because the "remove background" part doesn't work - but saving as a PNG file is great. Ps If you hit Share and then choose "Save Image" which should save it to the iPads Camera Roll - actually Designer just plain crashes, no matter which format you are playing with. So thats not ideal. If you want it on your iPad you can do a Share to Notes. The image is then dropped into the Notes app - which is a fair workaround (although it would be better if it didn't crash). Thanks again for this!
  2. Newbie here - I've created a rasterized curve shape. I want to place that shape in another app on my iPad (latest iPad pro running latest iOS) - in this case Notability. I don't seem to be able to use the slide over. When I copy the shape and switch app paste doesn't seem available. I've exported the file to my iPad - but don't seem to be able to find that file within another app. It seems like a straightforward task but I'm stumped. Any suggestions? Thank you.