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  1. Thanks notmyfault. The size is FB recommended. I’ll have to research how to pixel-align all objects.
  2. Thanks Lee. Resizing before exporting never occurred to me. Will try, but once I resize, does that mean the original document will then be lost? Meaning I will then have to recreate if I want to try something else?
  3. Hi, I'm clearly not expert in photo manipulation but I'm learning and I hope you can help me with the following issue: I've uploaded an image that I put together in Affinity photo. original image size was 7250*2417 and I used the inpointing tool to first get rid of some snow effects in the photo, then I added some text and a logo and exported as 1000 * 333 at 90%. I uploaded to FB as a cover photo, but the image looks grainy. The text and logo in particular are grainy. Exporting at same size but 100% is the same. you can see what the text looks like here: https://d.pr/i/kyvq8Z Would greatly appreciate your help in understanding how I can improve the quality of this image while keeping within the image size restrictions of sites like FB. Thanks for your attention.
  4. Thanks both. I will try the lanczos 3 resampling. Looks like I will just have to experiment to see what works that also doesn’t make the file size too big.
  5. Hi, Thanks for taking the time. My challenge is in finding images that look high quality on desktop and mobile devices while having the file sizes remain low so that it doesn't slow down page load and also use up a lot of space on my server. I was surprised to find that when I resized a 6000 * 4000 to 600 * 400 that the quality appeared reduced. I'm thinking this is simply because it is a physically smaller image that I'm looking at on the same size screen. At least that makes sense to me. I also understand there is something called resampling and I should select bilinear when i resize, but this still made no difference. Which brings me back to the challenge of how to select images (I'm using Unsplash) to get images that look good on desktop and mobile but also still have a small file size. Appreciate any advice or resource you can point me to so that I can learn how to select an image and create a workflow that makes this an easy process. Thanks again.
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