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  1. BowmanSC

    Messy Missing Resource(s)...

    Dominik, this worked wonderfully. Thank you. Would you like a Micro Saturn V? Send me an email with your address to scottb@ideabrickworks.com, and I will get you one. I have several of these in Europe now either with friends who visit the US or that have bought them from my Etsy store.
  2. BowmanSC

    Messy Missing Resource(s)...

    Dominik; I tried, but could not make this happen. If you could recover them, I would be forever grateful. There might be a custom LEGO kit in your future! Thanks!
  3. BowmanSC

    Messy Missing Resource(s)...

    I am glad there are smart people on this forum! At this point, I will take what I can get.
  4. First, I am a recovering mechanical engineer, who in early retirement is having fun producing instructions for his creative designs using LEGO bricks for selling kits and doing large LEGO events. I am about as far as you can get from a graphic designer, and I am struggling a bit as I need something more powerful than MS Publisher. I was pointed in Affinity's direction by someone else that felt this would be a good program for me at a reasonable price. Ok, my problem is I have a file that is now freezing the program and I have to use Task Manager to close it. I would rather not lose the work. Can anyone help? It was created under .238, and I have tried to open it in .249 and now .257 with no success. Here is where it locks up. I have attached the affected file. Thank you! Mud_Pump_Instructions_v1.afpub