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  1. Hello, is it possible to use the Photoshop Plugins please and how ? Is there a default plugins that transform any photo into a sketch, a nice art draw with many parameters ? Thx !
  2. How it is possible to change the language of the whole interface please ? Can you explain me how to add to an existing selection manually ? The 'lasso' tool seems quite near the one of Photoshop, as for substracting one need to click on Alt + clic but for adding, the shift key is not fonctionnal !!! This is the key used to add in a lot of software, not this one apparently ! Which is the key to use please ? Thx.
  3. Hello, can someone explain me how ot reveal the layers palette please ? I just do not see it and do not find how to show it aside an image ! Even when you add 2 images one over the other, you cannot see the layers !!! This is just insane ! I have lost 30mn of my time on that matter ! Add the option: Reveal layers palette under the voice menu and add it from the right click ! Please HELP !!