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  1. @Mark Ingram The font is "Smile and Wave" by Chris Vile As you can see, there are the two screenshots, using the same font on two different files. The fonts are both 66 pt and on the clear one zoomed in much farther. I've already figured out that I could just start from scratch, but including the layers I have turned off, I've spent about 5 hours on it and I really would prefer not to do that if there's something simple I've messed up.
  2. Not really sure if I should consider this a bug or not, as I may just not know what I'm doing whatsoever. However, I recently purchased a font license and tried using it in the program, but the resolution is just not there at all. Does anyone have any tips on how I could possibly sharpen up the lines in the font so it doesn't look so awful? Sorry, I'm a huge amateur at this stuff and trying to get better.

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